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 Geography and History


At West Oxford Primary, we want our children to have a curiosity and fascination of the world that will stay with them through their lives. We understand how it has never been more important for children to have a comprehensive global understanding of our world and the peoples and cultures that inhabit it.  Through this understanding, children will develop respect for the physical world and the vast scope of cultures that make up our diverse planet.

We aim to develop the children’s interest in a variety of physical and human environments in the wider world by expanding horizons out of the local community.  Opportunities to use a range of investigative and problem-solving skills inside the classroom will be rooted in each topic area.  These skills will be put into practice outside the classroom through local fieldwork and trips.

 Our primary focus is for all children to have an understanding of the world: people, places and environments and how they are changing over time. 

Our Geography curriculum will inspire all learners at West Oxford.  It will capture the interests of each pupil, providing exciting and enriching learning experiences which encourage children to be independent learners, to ask and answer questions and learn about the world around them.  Children will move through school learning about a variety of pupil-centred topics which are tailored to meet their individual needs and harness their love of learning.

Here is our progression of skills in Geography. 

geography curriculum progression in skills docx.pdf







At West Oxford Primary we want all of our children to have an understanding of our past and how History will shape their future.

 Our History curriculum is full of topics which foster awe and wonder and drive children to ask the question why.

The History topics will help children to gain an understanding of the complexity of people’s lives and the process of change; as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time.

Here is our progression of skills in History.


At West Oxford, we enjoy school trips to visit Museums and places of interest to enthuse our learning. We also enjoy using topic boxes of interesting objects and love inviting in experts from outside agencies.

We invited in Lizzie from Magic Lantern who taught us about Roman Art and Architecture

Years 5 and 6 had a live Q and A session with Dr. Diane Davies. She is the only Maya Archaeologist in the UK!

The children were inspired and asked many amazing questions about her discoveries.


As part of their topic on the Middle East and Syria, Beech's class went on a visit to The Ashmolean Museum to find out more about Islamic Art and artefacts. We took part in a hands-on workshop and enjoyed studying beautiful tiles, pottery, and a gigantic map of the world.

Beech class Islamic Art workshop at the Ashmolean

 Here is some of our wonderful work linked to our cross curricular Year 5/6 Topic on Natural Disasters. 


Beech class had a brilliant day learning about farming and countryside management at Cornbury Park.

Beech class countryside day at Cornbury Park


Examples of work


Topic Projects


 Artwork Inspired by the Ancient Maya:

 Masks inspired by the ancient Maya made by Beech class:

A Year 3 History Timeline of events

Year 5 William Morris / Oxford






Year 6 The Spanish Armada



The Vikings Year 4


Significant People in History  Year 1


Viking Art Year 3


Tudor Art  Year 6




Embroideries of the adventures of Odyseus  Year 5  : 




Greek Vases Year 5







DT Roman sandals By Year 3 & 4



Arts week Cross- curricular Topic /Art







A Tudor workshop for years 5 & 5

Dressing as Tudors, studying artefacts and using a quill pen to do Tudor writing 

Museum of Oxford  and The Ashmolean Museum Visits





Oxford High street By Turner at the Ashmolean

Art History at the Museum



Out and about in Oxford learning about Christchurch 


Our Year 3  Roman Feast , activity and dress up day