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  Welcome to Year 1   

Welcome to the Year 1 web page! This will be updated throughout the year with information relating to our class curriculum along with news, updates and photographs of the exciting things that we have been doing.

Our Team

Teachers:  Ms Newman (Monday to Wednesday)

                    Mrs Livesey (Thursday and Friday)

Teaching Assistants: Miss Todd, Mr Byworth and Miss Kearney

Our Curriculum For Year 1

We follow the National Curriculum at the West Oxford Community Primary School. Our team in the classroom works hard to make sure that every child is nurtured and supported as we work together to achieve the milestones set down by the  government, creatively and effectively.

The subjects that we cover include: English, mathematics, science, art and design, citizenship, computing, design and technology, geography, history, RE, PSHE, music and physical education.


Year 1 Class Newsletter September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a good summer after such a turbulent few months. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child into Year 1 and to give you an overview of what your child will be learning, as well as some general information about Class 1. The children have already made a fantastic start to the year and have impressed us with their enthusiasm!

Our topic for the Autumn Term is SPACE and we will be using this as a context for learning throughout the curriculum. English and Maths will usually be taught in the mornings, making cross-curricular links wherever possible. In Maths the children will be taught fluency in a number of basic concepts by building on small, logical steps. They will learn to reason using mathematical language and apply their knowledge and understanding in problem solving tasks. This term we will be covering place value, addition and subtraction, shape and measurement. In English we will be using a variety of storybooks as a starting point for our learning. They will be doing a range of fiction and non-fiction writing, as well as learning about simple grammar and punctuation. We will also be teaching a focused phonics session each morning to develop the children’s phonic skills for reading and spelling.

In Science the children will begin by investigating ‘light and dark’. They will use their senses to find objects in a ‘dark cave’ and go on to identify and compare different sources of light. The children will also be observing how shadows are formed. After half term they will be identifying, describing and comparing some different materials. They will investigate the best material to make curtains and also an astronaut’s space glove! In History the children will be finding out about the first journeys to space and the development of space exploration. In Geography the children will be using maps and globes to explore the continents, countries and oceans of the world. In RE we will be looking at religious festivals and celebrations around the world. In Art the children will be doing a variety of drawing, painting, collage and sculpture based on our Space topic. In DT the children will be exploring ‘moving pictures’ in books and on cards and will make their own moving picture using simple levers or sliders. In Computing they will be using paint programs to create pictures and programming ‘robots’ with simple instructions.

Ms Newman will be teaching Year 1 from Monday to Wednesday (and PE on Thursday mornings) and Mrs Livesey on a Thursday and Friday. Miss Todd is our full-time teaching assistant. PE will take place on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Please ensure that on those days your child comes dressed ready for the PE session as we are not able to change clothes at the moment. We will be doing PE outside in our designated area so appropriate footwear is essential. (Please try and avoid sending children into school in shoes with laces until they are able to tie them up themselves.) Please can you also make sure that children with long hair have their hair tied back and no jewellery is worn at all.

Regular reading is the most important homework for children in Year 1. Once the children have settled in, we will be giving them one piece of homework each week on Google Classroom. This may be English, maths or topic work and should take about 30 minutes to complete. It may often be in the form of a ‘talk’ activity, e.g. retelling a story or playing a game. It will be given out on a Thursday and will usually be due in the following Wednesday. Please help your child to complete their homework every week as these skills are very important in reinforcing their learning at school.

We will be sending home 2 or 3 reading books with your child every Friday. Please keep the books all week and then return them the following Friday. The books will then be 'quarantined' before being used again by other children. Please can the children use their school book bags for carrying the books to and from school. We will also be sending home a reading diary for your child. Please read with your child as often as possible and spend some time discussing the book they have read. We have attached a list of questions that you might like to ask and also a booklet about helping your child read in Year 1 that you may find useful. Please record comments about their reading in the diary at least once or twice a week. (Did they read fluently? Did they apply their phonic knowledge to read new words? Were they able to blend the sounds together? Did they enjoy the book? Were they able to retell the story? etc) Your child may enjoy reading the same book many times and this is a great way of building confidence. Do let us know if you have any questions.

 Please can you provide your child with a water bottle every day. These should be taken home to be cleaned and refilled. The children will be encouraged to drink at intervals throughout the day. The children will be offered a piece of fruit before break time each day. They may also like to bring in a healthy snack (no crisps, chocolates or sweets please) which should be kept in their tray.

Many thanks,

Liz Newman and Debra Livesey

year-1-reading-with-your-child-parent-advice-book let_ver_4_3.pdfParent-Reading-Prompts


                 SPACE TOPIC

Here is some of the amazing work that we have done during our space topic so far this term. We have been very busy!



We began our topic by reading story Beegu by Alexis Deacon. This is a wonderful story of an alien lost on Earth. It deals with the themes of hope, kindness, loneliness and being an outsider.


We retold the story of Beegu and wrote thought bubbles for her at different points in the story.


We wrote postcards from Beegu to the 'Small Ones'.



 We invented our own aliens and then described them using adjectives.

We wrote stories about our aliens.


We wrote some descriptive space poems.

And some Autumn poems...


We enjoyed reading Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob) by Simon Bartram. This is a humorous book about a man who works very hard every day to keep the moon clean and who is absolutely sure that there are no such things as aliens!


Here are our Moon fact sheets that we wrote to help Bob teach the tourists!




The children worked really hard to make these Space books. They wrote interesting information about the moon, earth, sun and planets and did some beautiful illustrations. They also added an index, a contents page and even a blurb!








In science we have been thinking about 'Light and Dark'

We thought about different sources of light




We explored light and shadows using torches.




We investigated which fabric would be best to make curtains for Beegu and to make a space glove for Bob!




We explored simple forces by making and launching rocket mice into the air using plastic bottles. The air pressure from squashing the bottles made the rocket mice fly up and gravity made them come down again.


                         ART WORK

Impasto paintings inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night painting 



 Fantasy space collages




  Rocket and spaceship collages



Rocket models




Flying saucers and aliens!




 Autumn trees



 Homework projects

Here is a look at some of our amazing projects all about space!