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West Oxford Primary

West Oxford Primary

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Year 4- Sycamore Class      

Welcome to Year 4,

Please take a look at our webpage where we post newsletters and updates on our class.

I am always available for any questions or concerns you may have within the school year and can be contacted on the class email which is Year4@westoxfordschool.co.uk. I always aim to check my emails regularly but if there is an urgent message please contact me via the school office.

I look forward to meeting all of you and thank you for your support

Mr Stead

Year 4 Teacher (Sycamore Class)

Spring Term 1: Rainforests

This term, Sycamore class will be learning about amazing rainforests.  We will learn about rainforests from around the world, how they are made up and the diversity of life that they support.  In this topic, we'll explore the places in the world you can find rainforests and why they are so important to the enviroment, globally.  

Our key text for the English this term is Return of the Wild by Helen Scales.  We will base much of our English work this term around themes from this fabulous no-fiction text.

Return of the Wild: 20 of Nature's Greatest Success Stories: Amazon.co.uk:  Scales, Helen, Good Wives and Warriors: 9781510230132: Books


Performance Poetry

This term, Sycamore class have been looking at performance poetry.  We watched videos of some of the world's finest poets performing their poems and studied their techniques.  Then we replicated these techniques in our own performances.  Finally, we wrote our own performance poems and shared them for the class.  

Our poems were linked to our text of the term, Return of the Wild, focused on the burrowing parrots of Chile. 

Multiplication Tables Check


In the summer, Year 4 pupils across the country will take part in a Multiplication Tables Check.  Below is a document designed to give you more information regarding this assessment.  

2023 information for parents multiplication tables check nov 22 pdfa.pdf