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Maths Curriculum Intent:

  • To ensure that a mastery curriculum is being taught in mathematics across the school
  • To support our pupils in developing a deeper understanding in maths through exposure to a broader curriculum
  • Encourage our pupils to use resources and talk about their maths so that they can apply their mathematical knowledge in a wider range of situations
  • To support our pupils to see how their maths learning links to the real world


At West Oxford Community Primary School our approach to maths teaching follows the mastery approach. This is the belief that all pupils can achieve and that the class will work together to access and master all areas of mathematics.



Our focus is on the development of deep mathematical understanding, and the development of both factual/procedural and conceptual fluency. This means that sometimes longer will be spent on certain topics to provide time to go deeper and embed learning.

We believe that whole class teaching and effective questioning has a positive effect on pupils' learning. We support pupils to develop their use of manipulatives to aid understanding and confidence in talking about their methods and approaches. All of this can be supported with a strong understanding of the four operations and times tables facts; a reason as to why there is a strong focus on place value and the four operations across all year groups.

A greater depth of understanding in maths can be shown, not in the number of questions that are completed, but solving problems of greater complexity or exploring and investigating mathematical structures further to systematically explain and generalise.


Multiplication Tables Check 2023

Here is the information for parents about the Multiplication Tables Check that will be undertaken by Year 4 pupils in the Summer Term 2023.

2023 information for parents multiplication tables check nov 22 pdfa.pdf



 Our whole school maths overview can be found below:

west oxford maths curriculum overview april 2023 maths.pdf