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West Oxford Primary

West Oxford Primary

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What to Wear

We do not have a school uniform at West Oxford Community Primary School. 

However, this is our policy to ensure that children wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. 

Stud earrings and a watch may be worn but no other jewellery please. (This includes necklaces, bracelets and ankle bracelets.) Nail polish must also not be worn to school.

Please make sure that all clothing is appropriate for school wear and age-appropriate; for example no very short shorts, bare midriffs or thin-strapped tops. Hoods must not be worn up inside the building at any time. 'Buffs' or similar neck scarves must not be worn in school as they can present a choking hazard. Novelty headbands (such as animal ears) should also not be worn to school.

Longer hair should be tied back or clipped out of the face.

Please can children wear appropriate footwear; no flip flops or Crocs and enclosed back/strapped sandals in the summer.

For PE children need trainers and comfortable sportswear, hair tied up and no jewellery.